City of Ashland

Mayor: Matt Perkins

Commissioners: Josh Blanton, Amanda Clark, Marty Gute, Cheryl Wooten Spriggs

Boyd County

Circuit Clerk: Tracey L. Kelley

County Attorney: Curtis Dotson

County Commissioners: David Salisbury (District 1), Jeremy Holbrook (District 2), Randy Stapleton (District 3)

County Clerk: Kevin Johnson

Judge Executive: Eric Chaney

Treasurer: Patricia Ball

City of Grayson

Mayor: George Steele

City Council: Pearl Crum, Juanita Kennedy, Pam Nash, Sudy Walker, Terry Stamper, Duane Suttles

City of Olive Hill

Mayor: Kenny Fankell

City Council: Linda Lowe, Madeline Powell, Tony Williams, Gayle Smith, Allen Stapleton

Carter County

Assistant County Attorney: Jason Greer

Circuit Clerk: Larry Thompson

County Attorney: Brian Bayes

County Clerk: Mike Johnson

Judge Executive: Mike Malone

Treasurer: Beth Justice

Elliott County

Circuit Clerk: Jason Ison

County Attorney: John D. Lewis

County Clerk: Jennifer Carter

Judge Executive: Myron S. Lewis

Treasurer: Crystal Lyons

Greenup County

Circuit Clerk: Allen Reed

County Attorney: Matthew Warnock

County Clerk: Andrew Imel

Judge Executive: Bobby Hall

Lawrence County

Circuit Clerk: Jody Parsley

County Attorney: Mike Hogan

County Clerk: Chris Jobe

Judge Executive: John A. Osborne

State Representatives

Danny Bently (R): Boyd, partial & Greenup (98th District)

Patrick Flannery (R): Carter & Lawrence (96th District)

Scott Sharp: (R): Boyd, partial (100th District)

Richard White (R): Elliott, Lewis, & Rowan (99th District)

State Senators

Robin Webb (R): Boyd, Carter, & Greenup (18th District)

Philip Wheeler (R): Elliott, Lawrence, Martin, Morgan, and Pike (31st District)